There are several environmental advantages of using Brisco Fine Line™ products:

  • Brisco Fine Line™ products are made from wood - which is a renewable, natural resource.
  • The entire log is used in our manufacturing process and all wood waste is re-purposed or used to help fuel our mills.
  • Certified forest management and fibre sourcing systems are used to help ensure that our wood comes from well-managed forests.
  • We only use locally sourced fibre to reduce the carbon foot print of our product.
  • Engineered Wood Products like Brisco Fine Line™ are uniform and consistent in performance unlike traditional lumber. This eliminates waste and therefore reduces the amount of material needed.


Wood Recycling

All products will eventually reach the end of its life-cycle, but products made from wood are much more environmentally friendly.

» Demolition Survey done by Athena Institute (pdf download)

Impact realtive to wood
Environmental Impact of Wood