Individual Look - Design Flexibility - High Resilience

Brisco Fine Line™ ‘s astonishing appearance is created by 4 mm veneer layers. This distinct look can be combined with various stain and color treatments to offer unlimited design opportunities with excellent appearance.

Due to its vertical veneer orientation, the panel product has a very hard wear surface and is ideal for flooring or other applications requiring durability and longevity.

The combination of structural performance and the high-quality visual design element of Brisco Fine Line™ panels provides an elegant and economic option for floor, wall, roof or ceiling panels.

Brisco Fine Line™ product is specifically designed with scarf jointed veneers to increase surface appearance and to reduce the overall surface area of the panels. This ensures a superb flame spread performance in the unfortunate event of fire and enhances visual quality. The fire performance of Brisco Fine Line™ panels is equivalent to alternative products.

Standard Sizes: up to 11.5” thick, up to 48” wide and up to 60’ long. Flame spread ratings and char ratings are available upon request.




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