Brisco Manufacturing Ltd. is introducing Brisco Fine Line™ - a LVL-based product line of Beams, Columns and massive wood Panels. Brisco Fine Line™ offers alternative solutions for mass timber construction for commercial and residential applications striving to build with wood.

The elegant appearance of Brisco Fine Line™ offers new opportunities for individual, ecologically friendly and economical project design. With standard sizes of 12” x 48” x 60’ Brisco Fine Line™ is designed for Tall Timber multi-story building applications. Utilizing the Brisco Fine Line™ as a structural component and simultaneously as a finished surface material offers efficient and economical project planning coupled with an astonishing visual quality.

With a consistent moisture content of less than 8%, Brisco Fine Line™ Beam, Columns & Panels are one of the most stable wood products on the market. The veneer layup reduces internal material stresses and warping and leads to extraordinary dimensional stability.

Construction LVL is well known in the engineering community with established load values. However, Brisco Fine Line™ provides endless design possibilities into a wide range of applications and can rival other engineered wood products in strength and performance with incomparable aesthetics.

Our design staff is looking forward to working with Architects, Designers and Engineers from preliminary planning to full project execution. Brisco Manufacturing Ltd. offers full fabrication and installation if desired.


  • Building Columns up to 60’ long
  • Load Bearing Beams up to 60’ long
  • Panels – Floors, Walls (Interior & Exterior), Ceiling, Roof
  • Stairs
  • Window Mullions